Types of Hate Crimes


A hate crime is a crime against a person or group that is motivated by the victim’s racial, religious, ethnic or gender group. For a criminal act to be a hate crime, it must meet any of the following criteria:

  • During the crime, racial, religious or ethnic statements are made
  • Hate group symbols are displayed
  • Motivation for the crime is to intimidate, harm or injure a particular group or organization
  • The victim perceives it to be a hate crime
    • Federal law covers hate crimes under civil rights statutes and provides for more severe sentencing on convictions if the defendant selected the victim because of:

      • Race
      • Color
      • Religion
      • National origin
      • Ethnicity
      • Gender
      • Disability
      • Sexual orientation

      In Maryland, it is against the law to:

      • Vandalize any religious property
      • Interfere by force or threat with anyone’s exercise of their religious beliefs
      • Damage or destroy anyone’s property because of their race or beliefs
      • Harass or commit a crime against any person because of their race, color, religious beliefs or national origin

      And the state of Maryland, like the federal government, includes more severe sentencing when a person is convicted of a hate crime.

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      The very nature of a hate crime arouses enormous public outrage and media speculation. Unfortunately for the defendant in a hate crimes case, the negative publicity and public opinion can make it difficult to receive a fair trial. Merely being accused of such a crime can ruin your reputation, endanger your job and even splinter your family. And the need for an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney is vital.

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