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Expungement of Criminal Records in Maryland

Were you that information regarding the criminal charge and/or court proceeding is accessible to the public, employers and others? Would you like to know more about clearing your criminal record? In many instances, individuals can have their criminal records in Maryland cleared or “expunged.” Expungement is the destruction of the records, or removal of records from public inspection.

In Maryland, many records and files may be expunged from public viewing, including:

  • Motor Vehicle Administration driving records
  • Police files
  • Court files
  • Probation files

Howard County Expungement Lawyer

Expungement of records is a complicated process that is most easily done with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Jonathan Scott Smith of the Smith Criminal Defense Firm has successfully expunged records for many clients. At our office we can:

  • Prepare your Petition for Expungement and related papers
  • File your documents and required copies
  • Appear in court to petition your Expungement
  • Follow-up and ensure all agencies expunge the records

When Your Record is Expunged, Potential Employers Won’t See Your Record

A criminal record can cause many problems in your life. The most serious and immediate problem will likely be employment issues.

Attorney Smith has practiced criminal law for over three decades and has successfully helped many people by expunging their records and eliminating barriers to employment. He also has a well-earned reputation for providing the personal service and thorough preparation needed to complete the expungement of records. Contact us online or call 410-740-0101. Let us help you with expungement today.

Howard County Police to Conduct DUI Checkpoint

Sobriety Checkpoint Scheduled by Howard County Police

The Howard County Police Department announced that it will conduct a DUI checkpoint this coming weekend. The department conducts several dui checkpoints each year. The checkpoint will be clearly marked with signs, lights and uniformed officers. Officers will utilize both marked and unmarked vehicles, and will be checking for violations including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired, and other DUI/DWI violations.

Howard County DUI/DWI’s

In 2011, Howard County Police arrested 1,391 individuals for driving under the influence. In 2011, 25 percent of Howard County’s fatal collisions were alcohol related. Drinking and driving carries harsh penalties.

DUI Checkpoints and Constitutional Protections

A DUI checkpoint allows police officers to observe drivers and their cars for evidence of drunk driving. Under the law, police cannot stop a vehicle unless there is a “reasonable and articulable suspicion” that the driver or the vehicle is violating the law. Sobriety checkpoints involve the stopping of vehicles without this showing.

Many states outlaw the sobriety checkpoints. DUI checkpoints may violate an innocent driver’s constitutional rights.

Ellicott City, Columbia, and Howard County Drunk Driving Lawyer

Attorney Jonathan Scott Smith is a top rated drunk driving lawyer and former prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience in criminal law and drunk driving cases. Before going into private practice, attorney Smith worked as a Maryland prosecutor and learned how the state prepares criminal matters. He has handled 1,000’s of drunk driving cases.

Mr. Smith’s extensive trial experience — and track record of successful results — has earned him the recognition of his peers, with an AV® Preeminent™* Peer Review Rating in the Martindale-Hubbell peer review rating process, and a 10.0 Superb AVVO rating. These are the highest ratings possible for legal skill, ethical practice, a lawyer’s years in practice, disciplinary history, professional achievements and industry recognition. Attorney Smith is considered to be one of the best criminal defense and DUI drunk driving attorneys in Columbia, Ellicott City, and Howard County.

Contact Our Office for Aggressive DUI Defense

Put the skill and experience of a former prosecutor to work for you.  To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call us at 410-740-0101. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Attorney for Possession of Marijuana Charges in Maryland

Penalties, Enhancements and Other Elements that Could Affect Your Case and Your Rights

Any marijuana criminal charge in Maryland is serious. Possession and distribution charges, however, can become significantly more serious depending on such factors as the number of convictions, the quantity of marijuana in question, and the location of the incident (for instance, proximity to a school can result in increased penalties).

For instance, incarceration durations can more than double in sale and distribution charges when quantities exceed 45 kilograms. Also, for any second or subsequent conviction, the sentence may double from that for a first-time offense.

Clearly, then, it is important to establish numerous facts when contesting a marijuana possession charge or other charge. How many times as the charged individual been convicted? What is the exact weight of the marijuana in question? And who is the true owner the marijuana?

Attorney Jonathan Scott Smith of Smith Criminal Defense Firm can handle the numerous confusing issues that arise in any drug charge, provide knowledgeable counsel and advice and aggressively investigate and defend your charges and your rights.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Marijuana charges in Maryland often carry mandatory minimum sentences including five years in jail for drug sale or cultivation charges of 50 or more pounds of marijuana. In many instances it is important to pursue a reduction or dismissal of charges and/or full acquittal.

Attorney Smith’s track record includes the full dismissal of all charges in numerous cases involving marijuana possession and sale, including cases in which a conviction seemed at first to be inevitable. After a recent successful outcome, a client said to attorney Smith that he is “worth every penny.” To contact our firm to discuss your criminal charges, call 410-740-0101.


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