What Is Double Jeopardy in Criminal Law?

What Prevents You from Being Charged Again for the Same Crime?

What Is Double Jeopardy in Criminal Law?You’ve been arrested, charged and prosecuted for a crime, but the jury acquitted you. Can you be prosecuted again for the same event? If not, what prohibits that?

The concept of multiple prosecutions for the same criminal act is known as “double jeopardy.” Double jeopardy has a long history in criminal law, with measures in force in England to prevent it long before the American Revolution. The founding fathers considered protection against the practice to be so important that they included language in the 5th Amendment banning it. The relevant language states that no person shall “be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

When Does Double Jeopardy Not Apply?

Here are some specific instances where double jeopardy does not apply:

  • It does not prevent a criminal and a civil action related to the same event, unless the civil lawsuit is deemed punitive in nature or purpose
  • It does not prevent retrial if the original prosecution results in a mistrial
  • It does not prevent retrial if there is evidence of jury misconduct
  • It does not prevent retrial if a guilty verdict is overturned on appeal

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