The Difference Between Assault and Battery in Maryland

Are They Two Separate Crimes?

Contribute-to-Causing-Your-InjuriesBecause the term “assault and battery” is heard so commonly, there can be a perception that it’s a single crime. In fact, assault and battery are separate offenses, and you can potentially be charged with both for a single incident.

The key factor that differentiates assault from battery is physical contact. Any act that reasonably puts another person in imminent fear of harm of injury can lead to an assault charge. Threatening words alone are generally not considered sufficient to constitute assault, but raising a fist or the back of your hand, brandishing any kind of weapon, or approaching a victim in a threatening way can all be considered assault.

For an assault to become battery, there must be some type of uninvited or impermissible physical contact. The contact need not cause physical injury—it must merely be considered offensive by a reasonable person.

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