Authorities Target DUI Drivers on Holidays

Maryland has targeted Thanksgiving with mobile and stationary patrols. Additionally, the Maryland State Police’s operation “Centerpoint Strikeforce” regularly sets up checkpoints throughout the state.

The Centerpoint Strikeforce operation recently checked 130 cars near the Md. 85 and Executive Way in just a four-hour weekend-period, but no one was arrested on drunk driving charges. This particular Maryland location was chosen because of the area’s relative frequency of DUI arrests and crashes involving alcohol.

Interestingly, the American Beverage Institute notes a University of Maryland study (2009) that indicates sobriety checkpoints do not in fact affect drivers’ actions. Rather, research seems to indicate that roving police cars tend to make more DUI arrests.

Throughout the United States authorities have been cracking down on DUI drivers just before and during holidays. For those interested, it is possible to find the location of these DUI police checkpoints online, through websites devoted specifically to tracking DUI checkpoints. Also, police departments often announce their plans to conduct sobriety checkpoints (but not the locations).

Holidays such as Labor Day typically have more drunk-driving related crashes. For instance, during Labor Day weekend in 2010, 147 people died as a result of car crashes that involved a drunk driver.

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