Construction Superintendent Not Guilty of Third Drunk Driving Charges

A 32-year-old construction superintendent had been previously found guilty of two drunk driving offenses. He was arrested and charged with a third drunk driving offense. The stakes were high, as a conviction would likely have resulted in a jail sentence, loss of the client’s driver’s license, and loss of his job. The client entered a plea of not guilty and the case proceeded to trial. The court found him not guilty of all charges.

In addition, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration also had notified the client of its intention to suspend his driver’s license for 120 days for refusing to take an alcohol test at the time the police officer had arrested him. The client requested an administrative hearing before the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings. After Mr. Smith presented evidence and legal argument, the administrative law judge ruled in the client’s favor, declined to order any suspension, and took no further action.

Note – Every case is different. Our past record is no assurance that we will be successful in reaching a similar, or favorable, result in any future case.


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